Our research

The CDSS undertake fundamental clinical and basic research into the causes, characteristics and consequences of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Through a better understanding of the mechanisms and genetic predispositions to ADRs we aim to improve the diagnosis and clinical handling of such reactions through:

  • Development of novel preclinical test systems to identify toxicological potential in new drug candidates
  • Development of novel clinical genotyping screens to identify susceptible individuals and inform their therapeutic management
  • Informing the drug design process at an early stage to avoid incorporation of potentially toxic chemical motifs.

Research approach

The remit of the CDSS is to undertake fundamental mechanistic research into the causes, diagnosis and management of ADRs, both in the UK and in developing nations.

Crucial to achieving this outcome, the CDSS has in place both a strategy and the means for patient characterisation through the establishment of broad clinical networks, an infrastructure for sample collection and biobanking, and a state-of-the-art bioanalytical facility.

The integration of these core processes to deliver solutions to clinical drug safety issues represents the major goal of the CDSS. A major strength of the CDSS is the coalescence of strong research groups with expertise in diverse pharmacological disciplines all of which have major issues in drug safety science.