Facilities and technologies

‌Research conducted within the CDSS relies on a broad diversity of robust tools and techniques, encompassing bioanalysis, cell culture, genotyping and immunoassays. 

  • Stratified medicine

Stratified Medicine is central to the mission of CDSS – to personalise drug therapy to reduce the risk of an ADR. Our focus has largely been on pharmacogenomics, but has extended to the use of protein and miRNA biomarkers to identify not only predisposing factors but also diagnostic and prognostic factors. 

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  • Biomarkers

By initially focusing on the liver, we have developed a panel of biomarkers that can be used alongside currently parameters (ALT, total bilirubin) to inform clinical mechanisms of drug toxicity and inform patient prognosis. 

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  • Bioanalysis

The bioanalysis of a drug and its metabolites is a cornerstone of all aspects of drug safety science. The full chemical characterisation and quantification of all drug-related entities provides a bridge between clinical studies, animal models and in vitro models. Novel methods will be developed to investigate the fundamental basis of chemical stress and drug hypersensitivity. 

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  • Molecular chemistry

A unique feature of the CDSS has been the ability to investigate the point of interaction between the chemistry of the drug and the biology of the system with respect to both pharmacological and toxicological outcome. 

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  • Informatics

We have incorporated informatics as a broad cross-cutting technology that will be essential for CDSS over the next 5 years and beyond to be able to handle large datasets, integrate different –omics approaches and undertake modelling exercises to provide quantitative estimates of drug effects. 

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  • Stem cells and safety science

The Centre plans to develop two new capabilities in stem cell science which will provide innovative new methodologies for drug safety science. 

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