Charming Encounter with a Lord

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At the 2019 British Orthodontic Conference in Glasgow, DDSC, Orthodontic student Jennifer Vesey met keynote speaker Lord Robert Winston. Jennifer had given a presentation to the conference on her doctoral research project: Clinicians’ perceptions of class 3 profiles, in which Jennifer investigated the impact of patients’ race on clinician’s perception of the need for orthognathic surgery. Lord Winston chatted at length with Jennifer and congratulated her on an “incredible presentation”. He then proceeded to mention Jennifer and her research when he gave his keynote address, saying how he looked forward to seeing it published. Having successfully completed her DDSc studies Jennifer is looking forward to working in practice for a while but she would like to train as a Consultant in Orthodontics in the not too distant future. Lord Winston is a British professor, medical doctor, scientist, television presenter and Labour Party politician