Staff and Student Success at the BSPD Conference

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As mentioned earlier in the year, a number of staff and undergraduate students of the School of Dentistry recently presented a number of talks and posters respectively at the recent BSPD Conference in Birmingham. Below is a full list of all those who presented to attendees at the conference:

University staff and invited speaker presentation titles:

  • Amanda Roberts: Research in Assessment and Feedback 
  • Mark Jellicoe: Helping Students to Accept and Use Feedback
  • Judi Humphreys: Feng Shui for Academic Trainees 


Amanda Roberts

Mark Jellicoe

Judi Humphreys


Recent BDS Graduates and invited speaker presentation titles:

  • 2019 BDS Graduate Sam Cope: How's your back? Lower back pain in dentistry (interactive session)
  • 2018 BDS Graduate Emma Morgan: Student Awareness and Preparedness for DCby1

Sam Cope

Emma Morgan


Dental Core Trainees poster presentations:

  • Claudia Heggie
  • Katie Horisk
  • Rachel Oliver

Claudia Heggie

Katie Horisk

Rachel Oliver


ACF poster / oral presentations:

  • Judi Humphreys
  • Nathalie Gallichan

Judi Humphreys

Nathalie Gallichan


Dr Laura Gartshore, Chair of BSPD Conference 2020, and Professor Sondos Albadri, BSPD President Elect, expressed their proudness of all staff and students who attended:

“We are hugely proud of the School of Dentistry's presence, educational and research impact at the national BSPD conference, and that we look forward to hosting the conference in Liverpool next year”.

Congratulations to all those who presented at the BSPD Conference this year!