Staff and Students to present and receive awards at BSPD Conference

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The Dental School is proud to announce that a number of staff and students have been invited to present posters at the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry Conference this September. Staff and students who will be presenting posters, and their poster topics, are:

Accepted to present a poster at the BSPD conference 10th September 2019 (with citeable DOI and publication in IJPD):

  • Ellen Lomasney (5th BDS), Daniel Dadnam (4th BDS), Sarah McKernon, Laura Gartshore: “Two teeth too many”: Late Presentation of Bilateral Supplemental Permanent Maxillary Incisors
  • Dareen Sherief (4th BDS), Claudia Heggie, Jemma Hook, Laura Gartshore: Undergraduate Record-Keeping: Are We Preparing to Meet Outcomes for Registration?
  • Kerri Martin (4th BDS), Lucy Roocroft (4th BDS), Kelly Smorthit (DCT), Nathalie Gallichan (Specialty Dentist, Honorary Clinical Teacher), Laura Gartshore: Undergraduate Delivery of Inhalation Sedation for Children: A Student-Led Service Evaluation.

School relevant others accepted to present at the BSPD conference 2019 (with citeable DOI and publication in IJPD):


  • Katie Horisk (DCT, Honorary Clinical Teacher), Mankeert Kaur (BDS graduate 2018), Laura Gartshore: Recording BMI: A Holistic Approach for the Care of Paediatric Patient
  • Rachel Oliver (DCT), Laura Gartshore: Tooth whitening for necrotic, traumatised teeth for children: How are we doing?
  • Judi Humphreys (ACF), Laura Gartshore: Can We Avoid Preventable Cancellations for Paediatric Dental General Anaesthetic?
  • Nathalie Gallichan, Sondos Albadri: Cone Beam CT… How is it used in Paediatric Dentistry?
  • Laura McKay (DCT), Nathalie Gallichan, Lesley Gough: Evaluation of Sustainability of a Supervised Toothbrushing Programme; Two Year Follow-Up
  • Claudia Heggie, Laura Gartshore: An unexpected diagnosis of segmental odontomaxillary dysplasia
  • Andrew Jones (StR, Honorary Clinical Teacher), Sharon Lee: Paediatric Dentistry Input in a Cleft Multidisciplinary Team


A number of staff and students have also been shortlisted for the BSPD Undergraduate Poster Prize:


  • Lydia Payne (4th BDS), Sarah McKernon, Laura Gartshore: A diagnostic dilemma of a palatal lesion in a young child
  • Daniel Dadnam (4th BDS), Abdullah Barlas (5th BDS), Laura Gartshore: “Ouch! My Broken Tooth”: Atypical Presentation of a Traumatic Dental Injury
  • Hajra Aziz (4th BDS), Claudia Heggie (DCT), Laura Gartshore: The Diverse Management of Non-Syndromic Oligodontia in Three Siblings


Congratulations and good luck to all those who will be attending the Conference this September!