Significant staff appointments to Research Councils and REF panels

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University of Liverpool representation on Research Councils and REF panels has seen a significant boost with the publication of membership over the last few days.

Recent announcements include Professor Matt Rosseinsky’s reappointment to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Professor Dame Janet Beer’s appointment to the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Professor Tom Solomon’s appointment to the Medical Research Council (MRC) Infection and Immunity Board, Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed’s appointment to the MRC as Director of the Centre for Drug Safety Science and Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine and Professor Nandini Das’ appointment to Research England.

Growing confidence

Professor Anthony Hollander, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Impact, said: “Together with good representation on Research Excellence Framework 2021 Main Panels and Sub-Panels, these recent appointments reflect the growing confidence and success in our research community. We now have 18 academics involved in all levels of REF and 10 of these are women, showing our success in encouraging diversity and equality.

“Our interdisciplinary research, unique model for collaborations and cutting edge facilities, enable our research community to create global solutions aiming to improve health, create wealth and ensure social justice.”


On Friday, the criteria phase and assessment phase panel members were announced. 14 University of Liverpool academics have been appointed across these panels. This is in addition to the three University of Liverpool panel and sub-panel chairs, announced last year.

The criteria phase of the REF will take place in 2018, and will involve the development of the detailed guidance and criteria for REF 2021. The assessment phase of the REF will commence in late 2020 and continue throughout 2021, and will involve the full assessment of submissions made by institutions.

A full list of University of Liverpool panellists and chairs can be found below.

For further information about Ref 2021 and the expert panels please visit:


Criteria phase panel membership

Main Panel A

Member: Professor Peter Clegg

Sub-panel 1: Clinical Medicine

Professor Munir Pirmohamed

Sub-panel 6: Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science

Chair: Professor Peter Clegg

Member: Dr Gina Pinchbeck

Sub-panel 7: Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Member: Professor Ric Williams

Sub-panel 11: Computer Science and Informatics

Secretariat: Ms Danielle Murtagh

Sub-panel 14: Geography and Environmental Studies

Member: Professor Georgina Endfield

Sub-panel 18: Law

Secretariat: Ms Danielle Murtagh

Main Panel D

Chair: Professor Dinah Birch

Sub-panel 26: Modern Language and Linguistics

Chair: Professor Charles Forsdick

Sub-panel 29: Classics

Secretariat: Ms Danielle Murtagh


Assessment phase panel membership

Sub-panel 2: Public Health, Health Services and Primary care

Professor Paula Williamson

Sub-panel 3: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy

Professor Sue Higham

Sub-panel 5: Biological Sciences

Professor Sonia Rocha

Sub-panel 8: Chemistry

Professor Andy Cooper

Sub-panel 11: Computer Science and Informatics

Professor Katie Atkinson

Sub-panel 17: Business and Management Studies

Professor Julia Balogun

Sub-panel 18: Law

Professor Michael Dougan

Sub-panel 19: Politics and International Studies

Professor Jonathan Tonge

Sub-panel 27: English Language and Literature

Professor Deryn Rees-Jones

Sub-panel 29: Classics

Professor Lin Foxhall