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Posted on: 11 June 2021 by Emily Wilson in Centennial Curriculum

Student undertakes simulated treatment in the Multi-Skills Lab

It's been another unusual year for us all, and as we look towards the finish line of year two of the new curriculum, this post reflects on all the progress that has been made this year, despite challenging circumstances.


CLC3 (Collaborative Learning Core 3)

The creativity and dedication of our team has really been tested this year. Not only have colleagues needed to develop innovative ways to deliver existing content in a socially distanced or virtual way, but the CLC3 team have also been developing entirely new components, assessments and resources for the Centennial Curriculum. Thankfully, all of their efforts have paid off, as the third year of the new curriculum is almost ready for delivery in September. The new academic year will be especially exciting for us, as our first cohort of BSc Dental Therapy students are due to graduate in the summer of 2022.   



Understandably Covid-19 has impacted our ability to deliver our programmes as usual over the past 15 months, and while we have continued to keep our students engaged with innovative learning approaches, and maintain their skills in the simulated and clinical environment, there are some areas of patient treatment that our Centennial Curriculum students have not been able to undertake as planned this year. The School is therefore currently working through the details of providing additional clinical sessions for CLC3 students in 2021/22 in order to make up any lost time. While there are some details still to be nailed down, these sessions are a top priority, so that we can ensure that our students can graduate as safe beginners in summer 2022.   


BDS Graduate Entry Programme (A201)

We've also been making progress on amending our graduate entry programme to fit the requirements of the new curriculum, changes which have been approved by both the University of Liverpool and the General Dental Council. Those currently studying on our BSc Dental Therapy programme will be eligible to apply to the A201 programme, which will run in parallel with years four and five of the BDS programme. Places will be limited and there will therefore be a competitive entry process, starting in the Autumn each year. All students currently studying on the Centennial Curriculum have been given an outline of this process alongside a Frequently Asked Question page, to keep them informed. This programme is a really integral part of our skills escalator approach to the training of dental professionals, and we are excited to see this coming together.


Project Team Changes

As we reach the end of this academic year, a few of us will be moving on to new opportunities, myself (Emily Wilson) included. I have really valued the experience gained in this role and the fantastic colleagues I have been able to work with as Project Officer for the Centennial Curriculum. As I move into my new role (Postgraduate Development Project Manager within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences), there will be an opportunity for a new project manager to lead the final two years of the Centennial Curriculum project. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they are introducing themselves on the blog.  


Your thoughts 

Please contact Emily Wilson, the Project Officer, to share your thoughts on the Centennial Curriculum and any suggestions for the blog. 

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