An 'ambitious and forward thinking' curriculum

Posted on: 25 March 2019 by Emily Wilson in Centennial Curriculum

The new BDS and BSc Dental Therapy programmes are set to launch in September 2019 and the curriculum teams have been working hard to plan for their delivery. This post will provide a little more detail as to what we have been up to so far.

Programme Review

There has been a lot of interest in our new combined programmes, as they provide an innovative and future-led education for dental professionals. As well as inspiring discussion within the dental sector, the Centennial Curriculum has been formally reviewed by the University of Liverpool (our institution and awarding body) and the General Dental Council (our regulator). 

Having completed a significant amount of mapping and documenting of the new programmes, we have progressed through each review stage with minor amendments and some very supportive feedback, some of which is included below. The title of this blog reflects a comment made by one of our reviewers at School Scrutiny Panel (Univeristy approval) regarding the ambitious and forward-thinking nature of the new curriculum. 


Curriculum Teams

To manage the workload of the new curriculum we have split the team into two groups - Content and Operations. Both groups have been working hard to finalise plans for year one of the new curriculum and we are nearing the stage where we can move on to the delivery of year two, which will run for the first time in September 2020.

Content Working Group

This group is chaired by Professor Luke Dawson and oversees the development of the teaching and assessment of the Centennial Curriculum. Within year one the group have been working to agree how each milestone (nested learning outcomes which form a real-world skill) will be met across individual components and across the wider year and programme. The team have also been considering the purpose and structure of learning resources, as well as assessment blueprinting and reflective student portfolios. 

Operations Working Group

This group is chaired by Professor Fadi Jarad and considers the practical implications of the Centennial Curriculum. Within the Operations Working Group there are smaller parties focused on specific areas such as timetabling, facilities, services, administrative support etc. The areas that fall within the 'Operations' remit necessitate working several years ahead and therefore where possible we are considering a full 3 or 5 year picture to aid in planning. 

Year Teams 

When the curriculum launches, each year will have a Year Lead, Deputy Year Lead and Year Administrator, who will work with the Programme Directors to deliver the new programmes. For Year One the team will consist of the below members of staff, who are already working hard to prepare for our first cohort in September 2019. 

  • Year Lead: Joanne Bowles
  • Deputy Year Lead: Lorraine Molyneux
  • Year Administrator: Ann Hughes


Drop-in sessions

Upcoming drop-in sessions to ask any questions you might have about the new curriculum:

Friday 5th April    13:00-13:30  3.12a
Thursday 25th April 13:00-13:30 3.12a 
Monday 13th May 13:00-13:30 3.12d 


Get in touch 

We are really keen to continue to have input on the new curriculum from across the School and beyond. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the Centennial Curriculum or the blog please email Emily Wilson, the Project Officer. 

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