Miss Sarah Mckernon

I’m a Clinical Lecturer in Oral Surgery and Staff-Student Representative for our Staff-Student Liaison Committee. I also have responsibility for designing and delivering educational resources for the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.

Where did you study your undergraduate degree?
At the University of Liverpool
What was your first job after graduating?
I worked in a fantastic practice providing primary care dentistry
Briefly describe your career progression from that first job to your current role.
After working in primary care, I undertook senior house officer jobs in the North West before commencing a Clinical Lecturer post with specialist training in Oral Surgery. During this time, I also completed a postgraduate certificate in higher education. I qualified as a specialist in 2018 and have opted to continue my training to become a Senior Lecturer and Consultant in the future.

What do you find most rewarding about working in dentistry?
The ability to help patients and teach undergraduates, all in one job
What aspects of dentistry do you find most interesting?
I love the light-bulb moment that happens when undergraduate student grasps a concept that they have been learning
What are the three most important qualities to have in dentistry?
Honesty, patience and empathy
Where do you think dentistry will be in 10 years?
With an expanding elderly population, I think we will be managing more medically complex patients with greater needs in the future

What advice would you give to students applying for dentistry.
Nobody ever said it would be easy, but worth it? Yes.

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