Dr Liam Boyle

Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant and Assistant Head of School

Where did you study your undergraduate degree?

What was your first job after graduating?
I was a R&D chemist for SOAB (Svenska Olja Aktiebolaget)

Briefly describe your career progression from that first job to your current role.
I was making monomers for dental composites in a laboratory. I decided to train as a dentist so I could use what I had helped to make.

What do you find most rewarding about working in dentistry?
Every day is different, every patient has a story, it is possible to make a positive difference in patient’s lives.

What aspects of dentistry do you find most interesting?
The mini-engineering aspect of fixing teeth- because each tooth is a fresh challenge.
The unfolding interactions between oral disease and systemic disease as the mouth may be a “window” into interior systems to a larger extent than previously thought.
The psychology of aesthetics- because the differences in perception between people are fascinating.

What are the three most important qualities to have in dentistry?

Where do you think dentistry will be in 10 years?
Coming to terms with increased disease levels linked to endemic diabetes and other consequences of an aging and unwell population.

What advice would you give to students applying for dentistry.
Be prepared to keep learning every day all day for the whole of your career. Oh, and look after your back.

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