This page will showcase the innovative teaching and research the School of Dentistry is involved in

Developed by educators at the University of Liverpool in the UK since 2009, Liftupp provides detailed personal portfolios for clinical practice, mapping of curricula to regulatory body requirements and assessment tools for single best answer/short answer questions and OSCEs.

Liftupp enhances the student experience by providing personalised and real-time feedback and robust and quality assured assessments of all the required skills.

Liftupp provides triangulation of all assessment data to give a complete picture of student performance. Hosted on a secure server, Liftupp enables work-place confidence and professional competence within a dynamic healthcare environment.

Liftupp is currently used in eleven universities for medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and allied healthcare. Join the Liftupp community that aims to integrate and refine dental, medical, veterinary, nursing and allied healthcare education.

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Professor Barry Quinn - Haptics Simulators at the School of Dentistry



Professor Luke Dawson - Feedback and Assessment at the School of Dentistry



Interview with a Student - Simualtors and Liftupp at the School of Dentistry