One 5,000-word assignment is submitted in January, and one examination paper set in July of the first year. A further assignment is submitted in June, and one examination paper set in July of the second year.  A further assignment is submitted in April of the third year.  These cover the academic portions of the programme and, in the event of difficulties, they can be re-submitted or re-taken on one occasion in each year. 

Trainees will be required to submit a Clinical Case Research Investigation (CCRI) at the end of each of their four core placements.  At least three must involve the careful evaluation of therapeutic work with one or more clients and at least one must involve some kind of service planning or evaluation.  All assessed work is double-marked by internal programme staff and external NHS-based practitioners. 

The research project must be submitted for examination by one internal examiner and by one of the programme’s External Examiners in the third year.  At this time placement reports will be evaluated and a viva voce examination will also take place.