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The RENKEI Network is a strategic collaboration between the UK and Japan in academia and industry that promotes the development of innovative solutions by bringing together talented individuals from the respective nations and diverse backgrounds.

The network brings together established and early career scholars from across the world to share and discuss the latest research and key challenges in the slavery and slavery-like practices – from historical example to contemporary challenges around human trafficking and forced labour.

RENKEI PAX Workshop - 'Emancipating the Mind: History, Politics and Heritage.'

RENKEI Collage

In August 2017 the Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS) hosted the RENKEI PAX Workshop with the overarching theme of the linkage between history, politics, and heritage.

The week long workshop attracted 13 participants from across the 12 RENKEI member universities and featured 17 speakers and interactive sessions covering a range of topics that travel between disciplines, including (among others) the role of heritage in development and campaigning, the influence of civil society and state/non-state actors in furthering humanitarianism and human rights, the legacies of empire and international relations, and processes of colonisation / decolonisation.

The workshop also featured two Keynote lectures from Ana Lucia Araujo on 'Memory, History, and Heritage of Slavery: Lessons of an Unfinished Past' and Amma Asante on 'The challenges of dealing with memory, and historical injustice around racism and colonialism through the medium of cinema.'

Download the full RENKEI PAX Workshop Programme to read more about all our guest speakers and view the detailed itinerary. 

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