Working from Home FAQs

Below are some quick answers to popular working from home IT queries. Please visit our Working from Home page for more detailed info. 

Q: How do I access my email from home?

A: Webmail is the preferred and easiest way to access your email off-campus. 

Q: How do I access my drives from home?

A: Your M: Drive and departmental drives are accessible by: 
Requesting and installing VPN,
Getting the paths of your mapped drives, and 
- Mapping your drives on your Windows 10 laptop or PC, or Mac

Please note: The accessibility of drives on personal PCs is dependent on the specifications of that machine. If you're struggling to access a certain drive, please contact the CSD Service Desk

Q: How do I get VPN?

A: Visit the self-service portal and navigate to Request > Telephone and Network Services > Register for Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service, or click here

Q: Can I use VPN on my Mac?

A: Yes, absolutely. Once you've registered (as per above), follow the instructions below to install the VPN Global Protect client on your Mac. 

Q: Can both staff and students get VPN? 

A: Staff have direct access to VPN. Students are granted access on a case-by-case basis, depending on their access requirements. Alternative access routes are available for students - speak to CSD about the options available. 

Q: How do I record and upload my lectures from home?

A: It's easy - follow the instructions here

Q: What if my desk phone rings and I can't answer my calls?

A: You can twin your desk phone to your mobile phone so that whenever someone calls your desk, your mobile will ring as well. 

Q: How can I hold meetings online?

A: Microsoft Teams allows you to set up and hold meetings with up to 250 people. Set up your Microsoft Team now. 

Q: I don't have a laptop - can I take my desktop home?

A: Check with CSD - we may have loan equipment available for you. Generally we advise you don't take your desktop computer home. However, if you've got a personal PC or laptop at home, you can use your MWS PC from home via Remote Desktop. In order to do this, follow these two sets of instructions: 
1. Preparing to use your MWS PC from home via Remote Desktop  - this needs to be done while you're still on campus
2. Using your MWS PC from home with Remote Desktop

If there is no other option than to take your MWS desktop PC home, please ensure you have encrypted your device before leaving campus. Follow these instructions to encrypt your desktop PC before going home. Please note: the process may take a couple of hours.

Q: How do I access specific software from home?

A: Apps Anywhere lets you access a variety of University-managed software from your own PC. As there is a limited number of licences available for Apps Anywhere, please log out of Apps Anywhere once you've completed the work you need to conduct. 

Q: What guidance is available for effective remote working? 

A: Human Resources provides a wealth of advice on what it means to work from home, how you can maintain routine, availability expectations, etc. Visit the HR Intranet page for more.