Taking an ECDL test

Booking to attend an exam

ECDL exam sessions are advertised on the IT Workshop Programme and you can book to attend one by contacting the CSD Service Desk. Please be sure to provide the date and time you wish to attend as well as your BCS username as part of your booking request.

You will need your BCS username if you wish to sit an exam.

Payment for sitting an exam

When you are ready to sit an exam, you must ensure that you have paid for an exam credit. Exam credits cost £10 per exam (regardless of which module you choose), in addition to the £30 registration fee. Payment can be made via by credit/debit card using the University's Online Store or by emailing your Departmental Account Code and Cost centre to Pat Barton.

If you do not have sufficient credit(s), you will be unable to sit an exam and you will be asked to return at a later date once you have made payment. 

What to expect on the day

Exams are held in the CSD Training Room in the Brownlow Hill Building (building 224, campus map ref F7). The room is under exam conditions which means that:

  • You must enter quietly and you may not talk or confer with other candidates - if you have forgotten your BCS Username you should speak to the invigilator at the front of the room
  • You may not bring with you any materials which might render assistance - such as but not limited to notes, CiA training materials or other documentation
  • Use of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices is strictly prohibited

If you disrupt the exam, or endeavour to obtain or obtain assistance in any way, you may be asked to leave.

Sitting a test

All of the tests are automated: you will need to log in to the test system using your BCS username. You should tell the invigilator which test you wish to sit, and the invigilator will then log in to authorise the test to begin.

Once a test begins you have up to 45 minutes to complete all of the questions.

Getting your results

As soon as you complete a test you will be given the result and told whether you have passed or failed. If you fail a test, you may re-sit the exam any number of times but you cannot do so again on the same day that you failed it.

A re-sit exam costs the same as a standard exam voucher (£10).