Skype for Business

Skype for Business (previously Microsoft Lync 2013) provides tools for instant messaging and online meetings; Skype can be used to instantly message a colleague, to share files or your desktops during the conversation, add more colleagues into the conversation and then escalate it to an audio or video conferencing session.

Skype can also be used for online meetings. During your meeting you can watch presentations, share files or use a whiteboard. You can also record your meetings for reviewing or sharing at a later stage.

Skype is available to all University staff and can be installed on MWS computers from Install University Apps.

  • Use Skype to instantly message a colleague or to share files or desktops during a conversation. 
  • Add more people to the conversation and escalate it to an audio or video conferencing session. 
  • People external to the University can also be invited to attend Skype online meetings: during your meeting you can watch presentations, share files or collaborate on a whiteboard, sharing your thoughts and ideas. 
  • You can record your meetings and save and share them for use at a later date.

Show your Status: Use this feature to show your availability; whether you are in a meeting, on a telephone call, or away from the office. Your contacts will see your availability at a glance - red for Busy, green for Available and yellow for Away.

lync available

Add your contacts

Search for colleagues and add them to your Skype contacts. You can create your own groups to organise your contacts.

Your Frequent Contacts are the 10 contacts you most frequently have Skype conversations with (not necessarily the most recent).

You can "pin" your most important contacts to the top of Frequent Contacts by right-clicking the contact’s name and then clicking Pin to Frequent Contacts.

On-Line Meetings and Conferences

Use Skype to arrange and host on-line meetings. Meeting organisers can control permissions for people who are attending the meeting.  

  • Have a video conference 
  • Share or transfer files 
  • Host a collaborative whiteboard session 
  • Conference Calls