Roles and Permissions

There are three different role types - Host, Presenter and Participant. Each allow varying access and control within Adobe Connects meeting environment.

Host: The host is the owner and has full control of the meeting room. Hosts can rearrange the layout and pods in a meeting room, invite attendees, grant and deny access to the room, and share and annotate their screen. Hosts can broadcast live video and control use of the Camera pod, change settings in the Chat pod, and add content to the Note pod. Hosts also assign the roles to attendees.

Presenter: Presenters have less control over the meeting room than Hosts. Presenters can share and annotate their screens, take notes, broadcast live video, and use text chat. To facilitate screen sharing or other types of collaboration, presenters can also maximize and restore the viewing area of each pod. Presenters cannot move or resize the pods. Presenters have no control over the Attendee List.

Participant: Participants can view the shared screen of a Host or Presenter, use text chat, and view the meeting notes. They can only broadcast audio/video when invited to do so by a presenter or host. A Participant cannot share their screen or contribute meeting notes unless the Host makes them a Presenter.