Adobe Connect for Mobile Devices

Using a mobile Device for Adobe Connect

The principles of using Adobe Connect on a tablet or another portable device are all very similar.

Once you have visited the app store and downloaded the necessary application for you device complete the following steps to access your Adobe Connect meeting with full camera and sound integration.

1. Locate the app on your device and select it.

 Connect App 1

 2. Allow the App to load up.

Connect App 2

3. Enter your meeting URL.
Here you will have to be aware of the meeting URL. The URL is usually generated by the meeting host. Contact them for the information prior to the meeting. It is usually in a format similar to the one shown below.

Connect App 3

4. Enter the room as either a member or guest.
Any staff member with an MWS logon can enter the meeting as a 'member', any external participants should enter the meeting as a 'guest'.

Connect App 4

5. You should now enter the meeting room and have full use of all facilities as desktop users.

Connect App 5

Have you downloaded the app? Join a meeting from your iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry mobile. You can enter the room as either a guest or host. All that is required is the URL for the meeting room you want to enter. Click the link below for the free app now!

Download app