Meeting Participants / Guests

If you do not have a licence for Adobe Connect you can still use all of its facilities within the meeting environment, you are just not able to host or administer your own meetings or content.

If you are a guest to the University, or a member of staff attending a webinar you need to have one of the following:

  1. The URL link to the meeting room you wish to attend.
  2. A calendar/email invite from the meeting organiser, which contains a direct link into the room.

Camera and Audio

As a participant to a meeting you can still use your webcam and audio facilities. When you enter the meeting room, if the meeting host wants to allow you to use your webcam and audio they can give you access to these features. If you need any more help in turning on your webcam and audio see the relevant support page.

It may be worth requesting a practice session for you to test your webcam and audio equipment prior to the live meeting if you know you will be using it.

Host, Presenter and Participant Status

In the meeting environment there are three possible roles for every user. As a guest, you will automatically be given participant status. The meeting host can promote you to either presenter or even temporary host of the meeting, udring the session. See here, for further information about host, presenter and participant status.

Administration rights

If you believe that you require further administration rights to host your own meetings and content - and are a University of Liverpool staff member - then see the licence page for further information and how to obtain a licence.