Webcam / Audio and Hardware

To get the most out of Adobe Connect it is highly recommended to use both a webcam and microphone.

Most webcams and microphones/headsets are compatible with Adobe Connect, with exception to the older versions of the Microsoft LifeCam. Newer versions of the camera have had varying levels of success, however it is recommended that users see the following document: Adobe Connect Approved Webcam devices

Setting up microphone and webcam

In order to broadcast audio and video, the attendee must have at least Presenter permissions assigned by the meeting Host. A meeting host can enable audio or video for individual participants during a meeting.

 Setting up microphone and speakers or headset

Once you have entered the Adobe Connect meeting room:

  • Click on Meeting in the toolbar menu and select Audio Setup Wizard...
  • Step through the instructions on screen to test your microphone and speakers or headset.
  • Once you have completed the wizard, click the microphone icon on the toolbar and choose Connect My Audio.

Connect - Connect Audio

If any of the tests fail, you will need to troubleshoot your microphone and speaker settings on your PC or laptop.

To manage your microphone and speaker settings during a meeting, use the toolbar menus.

Connect - Manage Audio

Setting up your webcam

Once you have entered the Adobe Connect meeting room:

  • In the Camera and Voice pod click Start My Webcam.

Connect - Start my Webcam

  • If this pod doesn't currently appear on the screen, click the webcam icon on the toolbar and choose Start My Webcam.
  • You will be prompted to allow the Adobe Connect system to access your webcam - click Allow.

Connect - Cam allow access

  • If no camera is connected, a "No Camera Found" message may appear. If you do have a camera connected but get the "No Camera Found" message, check that your camera is turned on, connected properly and not being used by another application.
  • You will see a preview of your webcam. When you are ready, click Start Sharing. Others in the meeting room will then be able to see you.

Connect - Sharing webcam

Attendee connection speed

Each attendee can choose the appropriate individual connection speed in the meeting room.

Go to: Meeting > Manage My Settings > My Connection Speed then select Modem, DSL/Cable, or LAN.

Choose whichever matches your Internet connection type:

If you are on the University network, choose LAN.

If you are on a broadband connection. such as home broadband, choose DSL/Cable.

If you still experience pauses or delays when viewing a webcam or a shared screen, reduce this connection speed setting.