Creating a meeting in Adobe Connect

The procedure for setting up and creating a meeting within Adobe Connect depends entirely on the version of the system you have access to. There are solutions for both small group (up to 100 attendees) and large group (up to 500 attendees) online sessions and require you to follow different procedures.

If you know which version of Adobe Connect you have access to please choose the appropriate tab below, else please see the licensing page for more information.

If you have never used Adobe Connect but are a holder, then please follow the procedure below for setting up a new meeting environment. If you are not a licence holder then please see the Adobe Connect .

Quick Guides

For a quick guide on using Adobe Connect as a meeting host (licence holder) then please see the following quick start guide: Adobe Connect Meeting Host guide

For a quick guide on using Adobe Connect as a participant (guest) then please the following quick start guide: Adobe Connect Meeting Participant guide

Creating a meeting as a host

The video below corresponds to the step by step guide.

1. Logon to Adobe Connect using your University username and password.

2. On the home page, next to the heading Create New, select Meeting.

 Adobe Connect create new meeting

3. Give the meeting a name and description
Choose your own URL for the meeting room. If you leave this blank, Adobe Connect will assign a URL for you.

4. Select the meeting start time and duration
The start time and length are important if you are inviting others to the meeting so that they know when to login.

5. Access settings
Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room
It is recommended to use the above setting particularly for large webinars. Participants can be University staff, students or external guests.

6. Do NOT include audio conferencing with this meeting
Keep the default option to NOT include audio conferencing. You will still be able to use computer microphone/speakers for audio during your Adobe Connect meeting.

Adobe Connect Meeting Form Completed

7. Click next at the bottom of the form, this will take you to the 'Select Participants' screen. From here you will need to add the names of all attendees to the "Current Participants" list. To do this, simply search for staff or students and add them to your list on the right hand side shown below.

Adobe Connect participants invite

Once you have added your attendees, you can set permissions for each of them.

Select an attendee in the right hand window then click on the Permissions button and choose the appropriate permission level - .

8. Send Invitations
If you selected Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room in step 5, you will see a summary of your meeting and an option to Send Email Invitations.

Adobe Connect send email

Click Send Email Invitations. This will launch your default email software, e.g. Outlook, and open an email message that you can send to any colleagues who you want to invite to the meeting.

Once everyone is in the meeting room, you can also adjust roles, such as .

9. Enter the meeting room

To enter a meeting room select Meetings > click on required meeting > Enter Meeting Room.

Alternately, if you know the URL of the meeting room, you can enter it directly into a web browser, or click on the link if it is contained in an email.

To give participants access to the meeting room, copy the URL and send it via e-mail or instant messaging, as an alternative to sending e-mail invitations in the Adobe Connect Manager.


You need to acquire access to your faculty's Adobe Connect for Large Group Online Teaching. Once you have gained access you need to login to your faculty's Adobe Connect environment:

Health and Life Sciences:
Humanities and Social Sciences:
Science and Engineering:

Navigation to the correct working area

Once you login to the service you are provided with a ‘home screen’. In the top left corner of the screen please navigate to the ‘Seminar’ area, as this is where you will be working from primarily for the 500 user environment.

Adobe Connect Seminar Tab

The calendar for room bookings

Underneath the ‘Seminar’ tab you will see a series of smaller tabs, please navigate to the ‘Seminar Calendar’ tab. Here you will see a calendar (any blue area is pre-booked). This will show you when the room is booked out on the date shown.

 Adobe Connect Calendar Shot

You can see that we only have 1 license associated to this login.

Please leave 15 minutes between your session and a previous session in the room before booking.

You can now decide what time you want to schedule your session for based on the availability of the event room.

Creating the new Adobe Connect Session

To create a new Adobe Connect session, please navigate to the ‘Seminar Sessions’ tab at the top left of the screen.

On this tab you will then see a ‘New Seminar Session’ button to click.

 Adobe Connect create new seminar

Please then complete the form provided:

  • select the Shared – [Your department] seminar room
  • Give your session a name (probably the module code)
  • Set a start time and duration.
  • Click ‘create’.

You will then be provided with a summary page similar to the one below:

 Adobe Connect seminar created

Use the URL provided to send to your students, they simply enter this into a web browser.

Remember: tell students/guests the time and date they should login

They will not be able to access the room until you have logged in, and will be kicked out of the room when you leave.

To view the event room, click enter seminar room.

Students login

Students login using a guest name, they do not have to formally login with an MWS username, It is recommended to get them to use their student ID number as a unique identifier.