Confidential waste

Records Management provides a confidential disposal service for paper records. It is very important for departments to treat unneeded sensitive material in an appropriate manner. Any sensitive material must be disposed of confidentially following our guidelines or you are at risk of breaching the University's policies on information managementinformation security, and data protection.

Confidential material should not be placed in any of the normal waste or recycling bins across the University but should be collected separately. Material sent for recycling is pulped only - it is not shredded before pulping.

How can I securely dispose of my confidential waste?

There are three ways to securely dispose of confidential paper records:

  • securely shred onsite using a cross-cut shredder
  • place into a confidential waste console (found in various buildings – see link at bottom of page for details)
  • place the material into confidential waste sacks provided by Records Management, secure with ties and arrange to deliver them to the Records Centre or for them to be collected by the confidential waste company (or by Records Management if we are also collecting boxes from you).

How do I book a confidential waste collection?

Normally you would do this by contacting Bulky Bob’s direct on 0151 305 5200 or
You will need to let them know the number of bags (these are available, with ties, from Records Management and must not be overfilled), the exact location for the pick-up and a contact name and number of the person who will provide access on the day. Alternatively you can choose to deliver material to the Records Centre yourself. We will also take bags if we are already coming to collect boxes from you but you must give us exact quantities in advance and the boxes and bags together must total no more than 25. If you are in a building with consoles you can ask Bulky Bob’s to take additional sacks when they come to empty the consoles but you must contact Bulky Bob’s in advance to book in the collection of additional sacks to ensure they have the capacity to take them.

What can I send for confidential disposal?

The confidential disposal service mainly deals with paper records but can also take physical items, packaged separately, including:

  • CDs
  • Magnetic tape
  • X-rays
  • Video tape
  • ID cards

Redundant IT equipment should be disposed of using the University's IT equipment disposal service.

How should I package the material?

Place papers in the sacks provided. You can leave metal fastenings such as paperclips but plastic wallets and sleeves, and bulldog clips must be removed as this contaminates the load. Do not overfill the bag and secure it with a tie once filled.

Is the service free?

There is currently no charge to departments for the collection and destruction of paper confidential material. However this service, which enables the University to meet its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation plus its ordinary responsibilities to its staff and students, is not cheap and costs are linked to weight of material. Departments may be charged if the material is found to be non-confidential, if the material is not ready by the time of the pre-arranged collection date, or if the material does not meet the criteria listed above.

How long will I have to wait for collection?

Our confidential waste supplier will be on campus most weeks so usually you will only need to wait a couple of weeks maximum. However it is advisable to book well in advance if possible, particularly if you will have a large amount. You can also hire Valley Star or use your own transport to deliver the bags to the Records Centre (by prior agreement).

What about arrangements in buildings with consoles?

Confidential waste consoles have been provided in various buildings (see here for a list of locations and pick-up dates). If you think your area produces enough confidential waste to warrant having a console then please contact Records Management to discuss. Departments within these buildings may order additional bags to cover any excess of records for confidential destruction, which will be collected alongside the consoles (please notify Bulky Bob’s via the contact details on the consoles if there are sacks of additional material to be collected). Should material or items be mistakenly disposed of, the keys to the consoles are held by Records Management.

View the collection dates for your building.