Records Management Policy

The Records Management Policy sets out the responsibilities of staff in relation to all records which are created, received or maintained by staff in the course of carrying out their duties, or by researchers engaged on internally or externally funded projects. The records may be in any format or medium, including electronic media. Records are defined as any information resource providing evidence of the transactions and activities of the University.

The Records Management Policy is designed to promote good records management which will result in the following:

  • Records will give accurate and relevant information on the University's transactions
  • Records will be authentic, reliable and integral
  • Records will be stored within suitable filing systems, to enable easy retrieval and avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Access to records will be balanced with security appropriate to their level of confidentiality and importance
  • Records will be retained for the correct length of time, and disposed of appropriately in line with the University Records Retention Schedule

Consult the Records Management Policy [PDF]