Installing the Follow You Queue for non-MWS Windows machines or for use off-campus


Download the print driver
• Navigate to the location of the exe file and double-click on it to extract it. By default the exe file will be located here: C:\temp\z79935L17
• Click Start then type in Printers
• Select Printers and Scanners
• Click on Add a printer or scanner
• The computer will search for local printers
• Scroll down and select "The printer that I want isn't listed"
• Select the shared printer by name option
• Enter the following text in the field: 
• Click Next
• You will be prompted to enter your MWS username and password. Enter your username in the format: livad\username (e.g. livad\joebloggs)
• You will then be prompted to choose the driver file location: navigate to C:\temp\z79935L17\disk1 and install the RICOH driver
• Select PCL6 Driver for Universal Print Version 4.13
• Click Finish
• Open Printers and scanners in your control panel
• Click on the new queue and select Manage, then in the Window that opens select Printer properties
• Select the Acessories tab and then Generic Model from the drop-down list - ensure that the duplex, punch and staple options are selected
• Click Apply
• Click the Advanced tab > Printing Defaults
• On the Frequently Used Settings tab, ensure that under 2 sided option Long edge is selected, and for Color/Black and White, Black and White is selected
• Click OK, then OK in the properties Window

Note: For non-MWS machines, if you change your MWS password you’ll need to change it for the queue. To change your password for the queue, click Start > enter printui /s > Click on the Ports tab then scroll to the port (the name entered above) > click Configure Port and change the password there.