Server, storage and network managers: Register your local IT assets and infrastructure

17 May 2021

As part of our continuing efforts to secure the University's IT estate, Computing Services is calling on anyone who runs or is responsible for IT services within the University - such as servers, large storage devices, or network infrastructure - to contact us so that we can register your services and ensure all elements are properly secured.

This does not include end-user computing items such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and removable or USB drives. Therefore, most people will not be affected, but if you know you run or use bespoke IT services like those mentioned above, please read on.

Unfortunately, the Higher Education sector is at an increased risk of cyber attacks, as we have recently seen colleagues at other UK universities suffer attacks which have led to lengthy downtime, putting data and research at risk. We are in contact with the National Centre for Cyber Security who advise us that the threat level remains high, and as such have made some best practice recommendations.

Most of these recommendations have already been implemented as part of our existing cyber security controls. We are confident that we have the technology and the expertise to counter most types of attack which have been successful elsewhere. However, to extend this capability to all infrastructure on campus, we need to be sure we have visibility of any potential way in for an attacker. We need to identify all of the infrastructure run by colleagues on campus in order to enable centralised, comprehensive security measures.

We will be in touch again to explain how you can register your devices and the type of detail we need, but for now, please start to think about any IT services you run and the infrastructure they use.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the CSD Service Desk via