Issue affecting Eduroam on iOS devices

04 February 2021

CSD is aware of an issue affecting recently updated iOS devices (14.4), resulting in a loss of connection to Eduroam, the University's wifi service.

If you are experiencing this issue, please try the following steps:

1. Ensure that your device has had the mac address randomisation turned off. To do this please follow the steps in this link:

2. Then please try the following:
Go to Settings > General > Profile - eduroam > Remove Profile.
You will be prompted to enter your device PIN. Restart your phone.

If you do not see a profile for Eduroam, carry on to the next step.

3. Connect to your mobile data or a hotspot (if you can't do this you will need to connect to Guestnet).
Select Guestnet from your wifi connections list; once it shows as connected (no internet), open a browser on your phone and go to

4. Click to download the profile for your device.

5. If you are prompted for a location, select University of Liverpool.

Once it has downloaded to your phone, you will find the profile under
Settings > General > Profiles.

6. Locate the Eduroam Profile and click on Install.

7. It will prompt you for your login details.
Please use <yourusername> so ********

Enter your password.

8. Try connecting to Eduroam again, if it doesn't automatically connect itself.

You will need to be in range of Eduroam for this last step.

If you are still experiencing a problem connecting to Eduroam, please visit our self-service portal at or call us on 0151 794 4567.