New apps for teaching and learning using Microsoft Teams

22 October 2020

In support of teaching and learning activities, several new third-party apps are now available for use within Microsoft Teams.

The integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to use content from these services and share it within a Teams site, for example, adding video content or a quiz as a tab within a channel.

While many of the apps have a free option, some require a subscription. Departments can opt to purchase subscriptions through usual procurement procedures, based on individual requirements.

The apps that have been enabled to integrate with Microsoft Teams are:

- FlipGrid
- Freehand
- GitHub
- Kahoot
- LucidChart
- MindMeister
- Mural
- Nearpod
- Quizlet
- YouTube
- Zoom

Consider the key tips below when using Office 365 and third-party apps:

1. When you first create a Teams site, remember to set it as Private not Public - that way you are in control of deciding who sees what. If you set a team as Public, all University members (staff and students) can see the contents of your site.

2. You are in control of who can see or edit information within the Office 365 apps - you can set the permissions and you are responsible for managing and removing access to data.

3. Remember when using third-party apps, data protection obligations still apply. Remember to take care of data and make good decisions about who it is shared with and why. Contact the Data Protection team if you need specific advice.

4. The third-party apps provide some additional functionality to support teaching and learning but remember that student and staff personal data should be kept within the University core business systems.

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