Migrate to the University Zoom licence

25 August 2020

Computing Services is pleased to report that the University has embraced the use of Zoom, the latest addition to our suite of video conferencing tools.

Zoom is an application which allows users to conduct video conferences and meetings online with multiple users.

If you haven't explored this platform yet, you can do so now - here are the login instructions.

If you have been using your own free Zoom account (created with your University email address), when you next log on you will be prompted to migrate your account into the University's master account.

Migration to the University's master account is now mandatory for all Zoom accounts linked to University email addresses.

When you complete the migration, you will be able to host meetings for up to 300 participants (as opposed to only 100), take advantage of cloud recording and use the breakout rooms.

There's no need to worry - all existing activities and scheduled meetings will remain in place once the migration is complete.

* Here's how to migrate your Zoom account:

1. Navigate to https://zoom.liverpool.ac.uk
2. Choose "Sign in with University credentials"
3. You will be presented with an invitation to join the University of Liverpool account
4. Select Join the Account

You will now be able to login to the University licensed Zoom account using your University username (in the format username@liverpool.ac.uk) and password.

Zoom account administrators will be prompted for further information after step 3; find out more.

Please note: the University's Zoom licence does not include webinars. If your video conferencing needs exceed 300 participants, please get in touch with CSD to discuss your options.

It should also be noted that Zoom should not be used with departmental or shared accounts. All members of staff and students are provided with an individual licence.

You can also find the above instructions in our knowledge base.