Working from home? Here's how to access what you need

13 March 2020

The majority of University IT services can be used to work remotely or from home.

Visit CSD's Working from Home page at for advice on how to access:

* email
Webmail is the preferred method:

* Your M: Drive and departmental drives
Connecting to VPN and mapping your drives is the preferred method.

* Staying in touch with your team
Microsoft Teams allows you to conduct and attend meetings, live events and chats with your team members. Have you set up your Teams site yet? If not, request it now by visiting the and navigating to Request > Office 365 > Microsoft Teams

You can also twin your mobile phone to your desk phone - this means if anyone calls your desk phone, your mobile will ring too. Instructions can be found here:

If you have any questions or queries about accessing these or any other systems, please consult the Working from Home page - we'll be updating it regularly.

You can also contact the Service Desk at for more info.