Windows 7 to be retired

05 February 2019

Microsoft is withdrawing support for Windows 7 in January 2020, after which there will be no security updates, fixes, or support. This will leave computers, users and data vulnerable if they continue to run Windows 7.

Most staff will be unaffected as the majority of University computers are using Windows 10.

If you are not sure which version of Windows you are using, you can find out by following the instructions in this self-help article:

If you are using Windows 7 on a Managed Windows Service (MWS) staff PC/laptop then you need to upgrade it to Windows 10 before December 2019 to ensure your system remains secure and supported. You can upgrade to Windows 10 yourself following the details below, or request that a CSD Technician performs the upgrade for you.

If you are using Windows 7 on a non-MWS PC/laptop you will still need to upgrade to Windows 10 and you should contact the CSD Service Desk for assistance:


1. Back up your data
You should back up your data before proceeding. Advice and information about how to back up your data is available within a self-help article at:

2. Upgrade to Windows 10 MWS
Follow the instructions in the self-service portal at:

If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 10, the MWS Installer will notify you and you will need to contact the CSD Service Desk using the self-service portal at:

If you require a Technician to upgrade your computer for you, you can request assistance by using the self-service portal: navigate to Request > Desktop Services > Managed Windows Service - Windows 10 Installation