New phishing email targeting staff and students

13 November 2018

A number of staff and students have been targeted by a scam email requesting the recipient to purchase a gift card (typically with a subject of 'Are you on campus').

The email appears to come from a senior colleague, such as a head of department, displaying their name but using a non-University email address (such as GMail or Hotmail).

The email conversation begins when the recipient is asked if they are on campus, with the sender advising that they are in a meeting and can't be contacted by phone but require the recipient to purchase a gift card - such as an iTunes/Amazon gift card - on their behalf.

This is a scam email and should be deleted immediately. Do not respond. If you have responded, or require further advice or guidance, you should contact the CSD Service Desk immediately:

We remind you to be vigilant and report any suspicious emails to the CSD Service Desk. Advice to help you keep your personal and University data safe from email phishing attacks and scams can be found on our security pages at: