Sharing files

There are several options to help you share files or folders with others: the solution which best suits what you are trying to achieve will depend on what you wish to share, and who you wish to share it with.

Features MyDrives DatAnywhere SharePoint
Direct access to your M drive on your own device   Tick  
Share internally (to other MWS users) Tick Tick Tick
Share externally (outside University)   Tick Tick
Synchronise files automatically between your own devices   Tick  
Additional web features (e.g. blogs, wikis, RSS)     Tick


DatAnywhere is a facility that will allow you direct access to your M Drive or shared departmental drives, from many different devices including mobiles, tablets, and computers. Changes made on your own device will automatically synchronise back to your M drive/other shared drive.

One of the key features of DatAnywhere is the ability to share files and folders with internal and external colleagues. This means that you can share large files easily without worrying about file size limits for attachments to emails, or the need to use physical media such as CDs, DVDs, or USB pen drives.

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MyDrives is best suited to sharing files or folders on your M drive or other departmental drive with other University users. MyDrives provides access to a specific file or folder to one or many colleagues, who must be logged on to the Managed Windows Services (MWS).

You can use MyDrives to assign permissions to specific people, and you can remove permissions at any time. Individuals will only be able to access the specific files or folders you share with them.

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SharePoint is a user-friendly, secure shared workspace that is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and makes collaborative working with staff, postgraduate research students, and colleagues external to the University simpler and more efficient.

SharePoint sites are often created as support pages for internal use or as departmental intranet sites.

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