Personal web content

You can publish personal web content from your M:drive by using a utility available from Install University Apps called Create public.www folder for pcwww.

This will create a folder on your M: drive and assign the appropriate permission, so that it can be accessed via the web. Please note that, by default, the content will only be visible on campus. 

Anything inside this folder will be available using the following address format:

For example, a file called index.html stored at M:\public.www\index.html on the M drive of a member of staff with the username joebloggs, will be available through a web browser at the address:

To create the public.www folder:

  1. Double click the icon on your Desktop to open Install University Applications
  2. Choose the category Internet, select Create public.www folder for pcwww then click Run
  3. This will create a folder on your M: drive called public.www


Restricting or expanding access to your web content

Web content which is made available through your M: drive filestore is visible only to individuals connected to the University network (whether on campus, or remotely e.g. via the VPN service).

If you are a member of staff, you may request that access be further restricted (e.g. to other staff within your own department) or widened to external visitors.

Requests should be made to the CSD Service Desk.

If you are a student, access settings cannot be changed.