Departmental web content

Web content targeted at a specific group, rather than an individual, can be published through a registered folder on the pcwww server. Each folder name must be unique - Computing Services will carry out checks to avoid duplication. The folder name will typically be the root for your web content: for example, a folder with the name dept99 would have the following web address:

Departmental web content in registered folders must be managed for the department by a nominated user and a backup user. To apply for departmental web space, please contact the Service Desk with a list of contacts who require access, including the nominated user and backup user. You will then be notified when the space is ready for use.

An allocation of 200 MB of space will be granted to host departmental web content, although this can be extended on request (subject to availability).

Controlling access to your web content

Web content which is made available through a departmental folder on the pcwww server can be restricted using a variety of methods. By default, content is visible only to individuals connected to the University network (whether on campus, or remotely e.g. via the VPN service). If you wish to further restrict, or widen, access to your departmental web content then please consult the guide to Controlling access to Departmental web content.