Managing your files

Staff and students have their own M: Drive with 20GB of space. Some staff and research postgraduate students (and in some instances, undergraduate or PGT students) may also be granted access to areas of a departmental drive. Access to this departmental space is controlled by the department itself, not Computing Services.

You can see how much space you are using on your M: Drive by clicking on My Computer on your desktop. If you need to see what you are using in more detail to identify large files or files you no longer need, we recommend that you use WinDirStat 

If your M: Drive gets to 90% full you will receive an automated email warning advising you that this is the situation.

You may also receive emails about other sorts of quota, including:

  • profile filestore,
  • LApps
  • departmental filespace (if you are an administrator)

 You can use WinDirStat to manage them.