PC & Mac backup service - Tivoli

We offer a PC (or Mac) backup scheme (based on IBM's Tivoli Storage Management product), which enables authorised staff to install a client program on their own PC so that certain folders and files can be backed up to a central server. The service is not open to all staff; applications must be made to the CSD Service Desk with the authorisation of your Head of Department.

We advise all staff and students to use their Managed File Store which does not have the same limitations as the PC backup service. The PC backup service should not be seen as encouraging the use of local disks for University owned data. (See the policy document on data management for further information).

Unlike the centrally managed backups of M: drives, users of the PC backup service will assume some first line responsibility for restoring files and ensuring that their PC is attached to the network to allow backups and restores to be carried out.

It is therefore essential that you understand the obligations that you assume by signing up to this service.

Scope of the Service.

We will provide the means to install and configure the backup client on your PC or Mac. A schedule is made available to all users whereby at a certain time each weekday, a backup will run. The results of the scheduled backups will be monitored by ourselves and users whose PCs are not backed up will be notified.

Backup targets on the PC are limited to the following locations:

Windows 7

  • C:\users (excluding AppData folder)
  • C \Backup

The Documents and Settings on XP and C:\Users on Windows 7 folders are where local profiles are created and it is within them that certain important folders exist such as My Documents. Our configuration will back up the Desktop, Favorites (sic) and My Documents folders. The rest are excluded. For other files that do not readily fit this structure, users can create a backup folder at the root of your C: drive and copy files to be backed up in there.

Files must relate to University work. CSD will not backup mp3, wav, avi or mpeg files. If you have a business case to backup these files, please contact the CSD Service Desk.

Please note that it is not our intention to use this as an archiving service. Its primary purpose is to protect users from loss of business data that is stored on a local hard drive in the predefined areas above.

The following configuration has been applied on the backup server to manage your backups.

  • Any file that is updated in one of the predefined folders will be included in the daily cycle of backups. CSD have defined backup windows for the clients and the server assigns a random start time during this window in order to avoid server overload.
  • The system will then retain up to five versions of the files backed up so that a user can restore an older version. This means that if a file is changed every day for five days, the oldest version to restore will be from five days ago. Once a sixth update is carried out, the oldest version will be no longer be available.
  • All five versions will remain on the system as long as the file is still present on the client PC. Once it is deleted from the PC, it remains on the backup system for 180 days.

As there is a limit to the amount of storage space available for backups, CSD will monitor the usage. If any users are using excessive space, CSD reserve the lock out the node in question until the user has taken steps to reduce the amount of in the backup areas.

To install and operate the program see Installing Tivoli

If you wish to register a Mac for this service please log your request with the CSD Service Desk. Arrangements will be made for a consultant to work with you on the installation.