Windows 7 MWS

Some staff PCs on the Managed Windows Service (MWS) run on Windows 7. New staff PCs purchased through the PC Scheme will come with the Windows 10 version of the MWS and all staff can now install Windows 10 on their current PC.

Please note: Windows XP is no longer supported - Microsoft withdrew support for Windows XP on 8th April 2014. If your PC is running Windows XP you must update it to Windows 10. If you need assistance with this, contact the CSD Service Desk.

Guides to getting started with Windows 7:

Video tutorials from Microsoft:

Snap video tutorial   Snap - expand windows to fill the screen or view them side by side
Peek video tutorial   Peek - temporarily show the desktop without minimising windows
Aero shake video tutorial   Aero Shake - quickly minimise every open window except the one you're shaking
 Jump lists video tutorial   Jump lists - organise favourite files, folders, and websites and access them from the task bar
 BitLocker video tutorial   BitLocker - keep your files safe with encryption