Exchange Online and Outlook on the Web

As part of continual work to enhance University IT services, the Computing Services Department (CSD) is moving email services to the Cloud.

All student and staff email accounts will be migrated to the Microsoft 365 Exchange Online service, bringing significant benefits to staff, students and the University as a whole, including:

  • Better integration with Office 365 applications, such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams
  • Improved features in mobile and web email apps
  • Increased email storage space
  • Enhanced security against phishing and other threats, with the introduction of Duo two-factor authentication
  • Continued access to email in the case of campus network disruption
  • Improved resilience via the Microsoft global infrastructure

The migration will be conducted in phases, beginning mid-April and extending through the summer.

The most significant change, following the migration, will be how to access email when using a web browser – after an account has been migrated, instead of using the current Webmail service, you will go to to access your email. 

To find out more about using your email account if it has been moved to Exchange Online, visit the following related knowledge articles:

We will migrate individual user mailboxes first. Shared mailboxes and resource calendars will be moved at a later date.

IMAP not supported

Please note, for security reasons, IMAP is not enabled on Exchange Online. If you use an email client that requires IMAP (e.g. Thunderbird) please change to one that supports Microsoft Exchange, such as Outlook, or use the web version to access your email by logging in at


Outlook will stay the same but instead of Webmail, use Outlook on the Web

After your account has been upgraded, to access your email via the web, you will need to log in via a different route – log in at and click the Outlook app icon. You will then be prompted for your username and password. Remember to enter your username in the format

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