Using Mac


DatAnywhere can be used through a web portal or through a standalone application (client) for your computer, mobile or tablet. This page provides information about how to access DatAnywhere using an Apple Mac.

The DatAnywhere client for Mac will allow you to access your files in the workspaces available to you. Workspaces are used to select and organise the files and folders which can be synchronised across all of your devices and shared with other people. Your M drive is already set up as a workspace and will be visible when you log in.

Getting started

Sharing files

  1. Navigate to the DatAnywhere folder on your Mac
  2. Right click on the file/folder you wish to share and, from the menu options, select DatAnywhere > Send external link

    DatAnywhere - Mac - send link

  3. A browser window will launch and you will be prompted to enter some details in a Send Link to an External User form

    DatAnywhere - Mac - send link form

    Share Type:

    Download Link will share the folder or file via the Internet with the recipient

    Upload Link will enable the recipient to upload files via the Internet to the designated folder

    Share child folders, in both cases, will extend access to aany subfolders of the designated folder, to the recipient

    Link Mode:

    Public will make a link to the file/folder available to anyone with the address (URL)

    Private will impose a security restriction requiring that the recipient provides a PIN to access the file/folder: the PIN is sent to the recipient via email

    Expires on:

    Specify when the link will expire - after this date, the file/folder will no longer be accessible to the recipient


    Supply the email address(es) of the recipient(s) with whom you wish to collaborate

    Subject / Message:

    Provide a suitable subject line for the email that the recipient will receive and, if you wish, enter some additional comments in the Message box

  4. Once you have completed the Send Link to an External User form, click on the Send button
  5. The recipient will receive an email containing a link and - if you have specified that the Link Mode is Private - a PIN (under separate cover) to access that link
  6. The recipient should click on Open the shared link and, if a PIN is required, input the PIN received via email as prompted

    DatAnywhere - Windows - email

    DatAnywhere - web portal - email with PIN

    DatAnywhere - Windows - supply PIN

  7. The recipient(s) are able to download files by clicking the file names and, if permitted, upload to the designated location by clicking the Upload button

    DatAnywhere - Windows - download and upload files