Using Android


DatAnywhere can be used through a web portal or through a standalone application for your computer, mobile or tablet. This page provides information about how to access DatAnywhere using a device running Android.

The DatAnywhere app for Android will allow you to access your files in the workspaces available to you. Workspaces are used to select and organise the files and folders which can be synchronised across all of your devices and shared with other people. Your M drive is already set up as a workspace and will be visible when you log in.

Getting started

Sharing files

To share files or folders with others (internal to the University or externally), follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the file (or folder) you wish to share and tap on the circle icon to the right hand side of the file/folder name
  2. Choose the Send Link option in the menu which appears

    DatAnywhere - android - send link 

  3. You will be prompted to enter some details in a Send Link form

    DatAnywhere - android - send link form

    Share Type:

    If you have chosen a folder you will have the option to allow the recipient to Upload files to that folder - if you have chosen a file then the recipient can only download that file.

    Send To:

    Supply the email address(es) of the recipient(s) with whom you wish to collaborate

    Expiration Date:

    If you leave this set as Never then the link will not expire; if you tap on the date field then you will be able to select a date in a new prompt, from which point the file/folder will no longer be accessible to the recipient

    DatAnywhere - android - send link form date


    Supply a subject line for the email which the recipient will receive


    Provide any comments or additional text to accompany the link which the recipient will receive


    Leave this set to off (private) unless you wish the file/folder to be accessible to everyone

  4. Once you have completed the form, tap the Send Link button: you will receive a confirmation message and the recipient will receive an email containing a link to the file/folder you shared. If you share a file/folder and leave the Public setting to off then the recipient will also receive a PIN which they must supply when accessing that file/folder
  5. The recipient should tap or click on Open the shared link in the email they receive and, if a PIN is required, input the PIN which they also received via email

    DatAnywhere - android - email

    DatAnywhere - android - email with PIN

    DatAnywhere - android - supply PIN

  6. The recipient(s) are able to download files by clicking the file names and, if permitted, upload to the designated location by clicking the Upload Files button

    DatAnywhere - android - download and upload files


We would recommend that you password protect DatAnywhere on mobile devices in case of loss or theft.

Once you have set a passcode, you will be prompted to supply it each time you log in to DatAnywhere on your device.