Submitting an announcement

Staff and students can submit announcements for approval through the system. All submissions are checked, and approved, before being released.

1. Submitting an announcement

  • Go to
  • Enter your MWS username and password when prompted
  • Click on Add a new announcement
  • Follow the instructions to submit and preview your announcement

Students should select the Students Announcements category for messages relating to student societies and other Guild related information and news.

Staff should select the Students Announcements or General Announcements category, as appropriate, and then choose the relevant Target Audience from the drop down list.

Choose appropriate start and end (expiry) dates for your announcement. The start date is the earliest date your announcement will appear. You can set this to be a date in the future and the announcement will appear in the system on that date. The expiry date for an announcement will default to one month ahead - if your announcement relates to an event or specific day, please set it to expire on that date instead.

Please note: if you amend an existing announcement then it will still be listed based on the original start/end dates specified on creation - it will not be moved to the top of the list. It may therefore be appropriate to submit a new announcement under certain circumstances.

2. Approving announcements

General Announcements are approved by Marketing and Communications.

Student and Guild announcements are approved by Student Administration and Support.

If your announcement is rejected you will receive an email explaining why. You can resubmit your announcement after making the relevant changes.

3. Guidance on writing an announcement

For your announcement to be accepted, please follow these guidelines:

  • The Announcement Service is for advertising University of Liverpool based events / initiatives and Guild / student society events/initiatives only.
  • Any contact email addresses MUST be University of Liverpool email accounts.
  • Students requesting volunteers to take part in research studies should ask the supervising member of University staff to submit the announcement for them.
  • One announcement per event / initiative will be accepted.
  • If advertising a number of events please include them in one announcement rather than separate ones to help avoid long lists of announcements for viewing at logon or through the Digital University.
  • The title of announcements must be clear and straightforward. Please refrain from using puns.