Why engage in CPD?

The business landscape has changed. More than ever, businesses need to ensure that they provide innovative training for their best talent, in order to compete on a global scale. A major priority for organisations of all sizes is to retain these employees and engender a fully-motivated workforce, boosting productivity, reputation and profit.

Equally, to truly differentiate themselves from their peers, the most conscientious individuals now expect their employers to help them continually update and enhance their skillsets.

Engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the University of Liverpool allows individuals to accelerate their own career development, while businesses enhance their overall performance through superior knowledge, motivation levels and technical acumen.

When a business engages in CPD, it’s investing in its future, through:

  • Gaining employees’ commitment and loyalty through personal development
  • Improved reputation for professionalism and innovation amongst businesses, candidates and industries
  • Identifying and addressing skill gaps to increased business-wide performance
  • Greater organisational flexibility
  • Enhanced skills, technologies and processes from practical, business-specific training
  • Improved motivation, increased staff retention and fewer sick days.

Individuals who receive CPD can benefit from:

  • More identifiable and achievable career goals
  • Undergoing continual training to master the latest skills, innovations and technologies
  • A more desirable CV and enhanced employability
  • A challenging and motivational way to pursue self-development.

Modern business doesn’t stand still, and neither do forward-thinking companies. A CPD course from the University of Liverpool can help to make any business and its workforce genuinely extraordinary.