Why engage in CPD?

The University of Liverpool’s workforce development and training programmes put organisations and individuals ahead in the marketplace.

From SMEs to blue chip organisations, every type of business - and the individuals who work there - can benefit from strategic workforce development.

The flexible, cost-efficient and focused training delivered by the University of Liverpool will develop your workforce to give you an advantage over your competitors and help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace through its productive, knowledgeable and highly skilled employees.

We create and deliver programmes to address business challenges and bring about real change with an impact that will be felt by your organisation, by individuals in the workplace and by your customers.

Why your organisation should engage in CPD

We deliver workforce development and training that goes beyond individual learning and has an impact across your organisation and beyond. And if we don’t have a core programme that addresses your specific challenge, we will work with you to create and deliver a bespoke offering.

We offer a fast track to upskilling your workforce. Our strategic workforce development is a cost-efficient and focused way of bringing new team members up to speed or developing your workforce to address a skills or knowledge gap and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Workforce development and training increases productivity and quality of work and makes your business more competitive. But it’s more than that - the impact goes beyond the knowledge and skills which the individual acquires. The best results come when an organisation sees this translated into practice resulting in patients or customers feeling the benefits through increased knowledge and the highest quality of care and service.

Why you should engage in CPD

People who choose to continue their professional development are determined to become the best that they can be. Whether it’s connected to membership of a professional institute, to fill a skills gap or to keep up with the latest techniques, they know that their initial education is not the end but the beginning of a journey of professional growth.

For individuals, professional development and training helps you compete with other candidates in the marketplace and increases your competence and confidence to carry out your job role.

The University of Liverpool can offer you a unique and powerful proposition. Many of our training and development programmes are credit bearing and you will receive a qualification that you can add to your CV. Our course material is continually evolving and everything you learn will be informed by our deep understanding of business, current business challenges, and cutting edge academic research. We have an unrivalled network of connections from across the business world which enables us to offer you valuable networking opportunities.

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