Alpha Spectrometry



This module will give a practical and theoretical knowledge of the identification and measurement of alpha particles using silicon detectors.


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Who is it for

This module is aimed at those working in the nuclear industry and in any industrial sector where there is a requirement for radiation detection.

Programme Benefits

By the end of the course delegates will have a full understanding of:

  • the origin of alpha particles
  • the natural series of radiation decay
  • the properties of alpha particles
  • the type of detectors which can measure the energy of alpha particles
  • sampling strategy


12th October 2015 – 16th October 2015

Course starts at 1.00pm on 12th October.

2nd floor, CPD Suite,
Central Teaching Hub
GB, L69 7BX

Programme Director

For more information about the course, please contact:

Janet Kennedy

Post Graduate Taught Co-ordinator,
School of Physical Sciences

Phone: 0151 794 3713