Degree apprenticeship employer engagement

The University of Liverpool is currently investigating potential demand for Degree Level Apprenticeships, and is keen to talk with Employer Organisations wishing to source a partner for their Degree Apprenticeship workforce development plans.

The University has a strong history of productive engagement with public, private and third sector employers. (For example; Unilever, the NHS, Local Authorities and UK and international government departments and charities.)

We are keen to find out which occupational areas are most in demand, and what the main employer preferences for Degree Apprenticeship learning delivery models are.

The University already has an existing comprehensive and flexible portfolio including Continuing Professional Development courses, fully Online Degree courses, and blended learning courses in a wide range of industry areas. It also has excellent teaching embedded within a world-class research environment.

This is all combined with an ambitious new strategy with a particular emphasis on responding to employer needs, working in partnership and ensuring graduates are employable, with the right set of skills and attributes for their chosen future career, and their employers.

We have a real desire to engage and innovate, and understand how best we can respond to employer organisations considering partnering for Degree Apprenticeship programmes, for learning delivery across their workforce.

Please contact us, on a no obligation basis, if you wish to discuss your current needs and development position with regards to Degree Apprenticeships:

Chris McLinden
Head of Continuing Professional Development
0151 794 8358