Liverpool Responds: Beyond Brexit

Liverpool Responds: Beyond Brexit


About this Event

With the UK just weeks away from the end of the transition period, what will life look like outside the European Union?

Join Liverpool graduate Ann O'Connor, correspondent and presenter with ITV Granada Reports, who will host the next online Liverpool Responds. Ann is joined by a panel of guests - leading British and Irish politics expert, Professor Jon Tonge; Co-Director of the University of Liverpool’s Europe and the World Centre, Professor Erika Harris; and Senior Lecturer in British politics, Dr David Jeffery, who researches the decline of the Conservative vote in Liverpool.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was elected with a large parliamentary majority a year ago on the promise of an “oven-ready” Brexit deal, but many details remain outstanding and the threat of no-deal still looms large.

Is the UK about to step into a bright, new era as an “independent coastal state”? Or will Brexiters come to regret the promises made to the electorate, as the reality of going alone in an increasingly fractured world begin to bite? How will the election of Joe Biden as US President influence the governing Conservative’s party’s approach to the island of Ireland?

So many questions remain unanswered, so join us to hear from some of the UK’s leading experts as we try to cut through the bombast and posturing to find some clarity around all of our futures as the biggest change in our nation’s history for more than four decades begins to reveal its true self.

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