Enjoy our weekly lunchtime concerts, featuring talented musicians performing from their homes to yours, as well as musical activities for all ages.

Musicians performing

Lunchtime concerts

The Department of Music has developed an activity pack for younger people, Listen and Learn, which includes lots of things to do to keep the kids engaged during our lunchtime concert live streams. Get the activity pack and enjoy previous concerts here.

The teaching and performance centre opening 2021

Take a virtual look at the new home of our lunchtime concerts

The University's new teaching and performance centre, opening in 2021, will house a 400-seat auditorium with space for a 70-piece orchestra. It will also be the new home to the Department of Music's popular lunchtime concert series.

Jazz musicians

100 Years of Jazz in Britain

Interested in jazz? Check out 100 Years of Jazz in Britain on Facebook, managed by Professor Catherine Tackley, Head of the Department of Music, and their ever expanding list of fascinating facts.

Parent and child dancing

Singing for fun

Join our Choral Director, Louise Dickinson, as she takes you through some simple warm ups, designed to relax and energise – then onto learning a simple song.

Girl and grandmother listening to music together

MUSIC.ME: Bringing back memories and life stories with music

Try MUSIC.ME now, our free online music service that lets you rediscover your music memories. Simply enter your age and region and let MUSIC.ME create a personalised playlist of songs that were popular in your youth. Developed by our music psychology researchers to improve the wellbeing of people with dementia, their families and carers.

Culture Bite Concerts

Culture Bite Concerts

Our Culture Bite music series combines music from artists connected to the University of Liverpool Music School with artwork from the VG&M collections. Each month we work with a new musician and release a short, bite sized audio-visual concert for you to enjoy at home.