Step into the past with our wide range of historical activities, from Liverpool's history to further afield.

Sisters of Mersey app

The Sisters of Mersey

Download this app and take a tour of Liverpool to discover the women who shaped popular culture, politics and more, making the city the vibrant place it is today.

Viking boat

The Viking Age in the North West

When the vikings arrived in the North West they really left their mark! From the place names we still use today to archaeological sites and stone sculptures. Visit them all (from the comfort of your couch) with this mobile app.

Cartoon dog illustration

Sniffing the Past

Mind where you're stepping! With this app, you can discover how dogs have shaped the great cities of the world through our interactive maps, which guide you through landmarks, and points of interest.

Ancient Egyptian artefact

Before Egypt

We're all familiar with ancient Egypt and its pyramids and pharaohs. But what came before that? Take a look at 3D interactive models of ancient Egyptian artefacts from the Predynastic Period (7,000 to 5,100 years ago) and step back in time in your own living room!

Illustration of soldiers going into battle

Explore the battle of Waterloo

This epic battle of 1815 saw the Emperor Napoleon finally bested by an alliance of European opponents, and changed the political shape of the continent forever. This app allows visitors (both virtual and physical) to explore the site at their leisure.

Medieval illustration

Medieval Manuscripts

On Twitter, you can explore medieval manuscripts as you've never seen them before! Dr Damien Kempf, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, takes a humorous look at the beautiful and bizarre images from days gone by.

Mermaid statue in Copenhagen

Podcast: Why do we love mermaids?

Mermaids have fascinated us for generations. What is it about these mythical creatures that has captivated humans for so long? Professor Sarah Peverley takes a deep dive into what makes them so special in this podcast.

Laptop screen with Netflix logo

21 things to watch on Netflix if you're a history lover

We’ve put together a list of the movies and TV shows that we'll be watching over the next few weeks. A mixture of documentaries from top historians, to comical interpretations of historical events, there will be something to suit any mood.

3D model of bronze cat statue

3D models of artefacts

View accurate 3D models of some of the interesting artefacts usually on display in our Garstang Museum.

Gorilla skeleton exhibit

Objects in Focus at the Victoria Gallery and Museum

Each week you will be treated to an in-depth look into both familiar and unfamiliar artworks and objects, discovering some of the secrets and stories behind them.

Visitors looking at objects in the museum

Garstang Museum of Archaeology blog

Delve into the story of the founding of the museum and the collections it holds, ranging from Egyptian antiquities to objects from the Sudan and Near East.

Abercromby Square, University of Liverpool

Tales from the Square

Explore the fascinating collections and research projects taking place within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. All featuring work being done by colleagues based around the city’s famous Abercromby Square, this podcast series brings these captivating and eclectic stories alive.

Extract from a digitised medieval manuscript

Digitised medieval and Renaissance manuscripts on Manifold

Collection showcasing highlights of the University of Liverpool’s medieval and renaissance manuscript collections, demonstrating a diversity of forms and features of interest to students of manuscript studies and medieval culture.

Banned, Binned, Bombed: Selection and Survival in Special Collections and Archives

Banned, Binned, Bombed: Selection and Survival in Special Collections and Archives

Our collections are a fascinating mixture of what survives physical degradation, individual actions, historical events and official censure. Take a closer look at some of the intriguing items in our collections.

Manuscripts and More

Manuscripts and More

Special Collections and Archives at the University of Liverpool Library