Your responsibilities on campus

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to keep each other safe whilst we are on campus.

We have worked hard to make sure our campus is COVID-secure, but we also need your help.

Social distancing

Social distancing is an important way in which we can reduce the risk of infection transmission within our community. Make sure you follow one-way walking routes around campus and adhere to new rules set out for physical teaching sessions and laboratories.

Face coverings

It’s mandatory to wear a face covering on campus, including during teaching sessions and when you move from one location to another. We will provide you with two free, washable face coverings when you arrive on campus and you will find disposable face masks available within buildings if you need them.

If you cannot wear a face covering, we encourage you to wear a sunflower lanyard so that others are aware you are exempt from wearing one and will not question you about it. You can purchase a lanyard before you arrive on campus from Hidden Disabilities. They also offer a range of information cards you can use to inform others about any access needs you may have. You will also be able to make an appointment to collect a lanyard from Student Services. Simply email to arrange this.

Recording contact with others

Try to get into the habit of keeping a list of everyone you have been in close contact with. This will be really important for containing the spread of the virus if you test positive for COVID-19.

A contact is defined as anybody who you have been in contact with for one minute or longer and within a distance of a metre or less, or for 15 minutes or longer and within a distance of two metres.

Recording your location

If you are a student, it’s also important that you keep your location details on the Personal Information Portlet in Liverpool Life up to date. This will help us to plan the provision of services and understand when you have moved into your term-time address.

Remember that attitudes to COVID safety can vary from person to person. Some members of our community have higher levels of risk from COVID-19 than others so it is important to be respectful and take the necessary precautions to ensure everybody’s safety.

If you are concerned that someone isn’t behaving in a COVID-safe manner and you feel able to challenge them then you should do so respectfully. If you feel unable to challenge them, or if you are not happy with their response, please email and one of our advisers will contact you. If you are concerned about physical safety measures on campus please inform the relevant Building Manager on site or contact our Facilities Management Team.


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