Travelling abroad for University purposes

Students and staff can now travel abroad for work or field trips.

General guidance 

Following the January announcement of a national lockdown in England, any travel in the UK and abroad for work or study purposes must be deemed essential, must be supported by a risk assessment and approved by the Head of Department. 

Those considering travelling abroad should follow all UK Government requirements in relation to COVID risk when travelling abroad. It’s important to be aware that this guidance is changing regularly and you should check the latest information before any travel (both into and out of the UK) on the Government travel advice pages. 

Guidance for Study Abroad  

If you’re due to travel abroad on a scheme managed by the Study Abroad Team (Semester Abroad, Year in China, Summer Abroad or a compulsory Year Abroad) during the 2020/21 academic year, then the team will already have been in contact with you about your plans.  

Make sure that you continue to keep a close eye on your University email address as the Study Abroad Team will continue to make regular contact to provide further information. 

We are hopeful that Study Abroad opportunities for 2021/22 will go ahead as normal. With that in mind, we have opened applications for all our non-compulsory study abroad opportunitiesPlease consult the Study Abroadweb pages for further information. 

Guidance for Staff  

Attending conferences abroad is still prohibited until the end of May 2021.  

Guidelines for staff are available on the Health and Safety intranet pages. 

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